Servicing your Air Conditioner in the Spring

Servicing your Air Conditioner in the spring

Posted on: April 27, 2012
Tags: Air Conditioners, Spring

How imortant is it to service your Air Conditioner in the spring?

Your A/C works in combination with your indoor unit to help keep you comfortable throughout the summer. In order for your unit to run at its peak performance and efficiency, its important to keep your coils clean, your filter changed, and make sure all of your components are in normal operating range. Refrigerant levels are also critical. A system that is 10% off of its peak refrigerant charge can loose up to 20% of its efficiency and capacity. A tune up in the spring can easily pay for itself throughout the summer months, and prevent your unit from failing on those hot July days, leaving your family very uncomfortable. Give us a call to schedule yours today!