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Heat pumps are essential pieces of equipment for many homes and offer more benefits than a standard air conditioner. A standard air conditioner extracts heat from inside your home and cools the internal air down so it can then be conditioned. It then dissipates the heat outside. In short, standard units do not make cold air.

In contrast, a heat pump air conditioner is an air conditioner that can run in reverse. That means through the process of refrigeration, it can extract heat molecules from outdoors even when it is cold outside and then deliver that heat indoors.

HVAC technology is always evolving, so some of what was once true is now obsolete due to breakthroughs and advances. Let’s look at some myths and facts regarding modern heat pump units.


Myth: A heat pump is cold heat.

Fact: While it is true that in years past heat pumps could only deliver air indoors at around 80 degrees, resulting in homes that sat around 68 degrees, modern heat pumps for homes deliver heat that is between 100 and 115 degrees using two-stage and inverter compressor technology. That results in heat pumps that deliver the same results as furnaces.


Myth: Heat pumps should not produce a “swish” noise.

Fact: Every heat pump will need to go through a defrost cycle, depending on the conditions outside. If you hear a “swish” of air, that is perfectly normal. You may even see ice outside and steam coming off the unit.


Myth: Heat pumps don’t work up north.

Fact: Some high-end heat pumps can extract up to 100% of their capacity even in temperatures down to 0 degrees or lower. Midwest winters rarely get that cold, but if they do heat pumps have backup heat that you can rely on.


Myth: I should turn my thermostat to “Emergency Heat” because it is so cold outside.

Fact: Emergency heat should only be used when you have a breakdown of the outdoor unit. Any other time your heat pump will do its job. If it cannot, auxiliary heat will assist the heat pump. This is all done automatically through your thermostat.


Myth: I should use a Nest on my heat pump to save money.

Fact: A heat pump will use more energy to raise the indoor temperature by 5 degrees or more than it would to maintain the indoor temperature.


We understand that heat pumps can be confusing. Technological breakthroughs have produced significant advancements in the last decade and modern heat pumps can do much more than old units. Our expert team is here for you! Please reach out if you have any questions!

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