Enjoy Comfort and Savings with a Variable Speed Fan

Enjoy Comfort and Savings with a Variable Speed Fan

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It’s a fact that everyone has interest in saving money! This certainly applies to how you heat and cool your home. As you look for a solution, consider having Tri-State install a furnace or air handler with a variable speed fan in your home. There are some things that make sense, and this is one of them.

A variable speed fan can help you save money, and will pay for itself in a short period of time!

Variable speed fans are quieter and more energy efficient than traditional whole house fans and use only 1/5 of the electricity of a furnace fan.

You and your families comfort can be maximized by constantly mixing, or changing the air flow through the rooms you occupy during the day and night. The variable speed fan is designed to run continuously and keeps air moving all through your home so every room has a more constant temperature. When I installed the variable speed fan in my own home I turned it on….and haven’t turned it off in almost 8 years! Hard to believe!

Tri-State offers experienced installation with certified technicians. From start to finish you will be sure that the installation will be designed and completed to you and your homes specifications with the quality that Tri-State is known for.

Give Tri-State a call for pricing and installation at 513-829-4333. Your whole family will be glad you did!